The Long Distance Grandmother

Being a long distance grandmother has its compensations. Every morning since corona-lockdown, I’ve woken to images of my son and his young family managing their splendid self-isolation in northern NSW. There are five of them and they’re in this together: mother, father, toddler, newborn and Norman. (Norman is a greyhound but try convincing him.)

The Reluctant Grandmother

I have never been especially keen on the idea of being a grandmother. Periodically my children would threaten me with it just for fun. I’m way too young, I’d say. Turns out I’m not as young as I thought. Or as immune to the lure of a newborn: first born of my firstborn, unwitting trailblazer of […]


What does the D•I•Y stand for? DARING • INTUITIVE • YOUNG@HEART Daring: Having the courage to take chances Intuitive: Sharing the wisdom gained from our time on earth Young@heart: Retaining the curiosity and optimism of youth DIYWOMAN is about connecting, supporting, gaining strength from others and navigating through life the best way we can. It’s […]