Learning to live an independent life as a single woman isn’t easy.

Women in Australia are increasingly finding themselves single after twenty or more years in a partnership. Our website is designed to help single women take control of all aspects of their lives, from wrangling finances, family and flat packs to managing the fallout that results when a long-term relationship ends.

Anyone who has travelled this road knows the pain of family disintegration and the guilt that goes along with it: of witnessing the anguish suffered by our children, our elderly parents and even our once-beloved ex-partners after a relationship breakdown. At diywoman.net, we serve up our share of tea and sympathy along with the nuts and bolts of living as a single in what can seem like a couple-centric world. We provide Do-It-Yourself options on all kinds of topics, as well as general advice on where to turn for help for the less DIY-inclined. When we don’t have the answers we ask someone who has.


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Elizabeth Quinn, founder of diywoman.net

Elizabeth Quinn is a freelance writer, francophile and single mother of three young adults. She made the transition to living a single life even more difficult by almost losing hers in a car accident on the day she had planned to leave her marriage. Nine months later she tried again and succeeded. The experience taught her the value of her support network, without which her recovery would have been so much more difficult.

Since then she has sold shares online, bought property, written her own will and taken charge of her life. Along the way she has become an accomplished downlight changer and flat pack furniture assembler.  Now she has added DIY blogger to the list. (With a little help from her friends Craig Herman and Woz. Oh yes, diywoman.net is anything but a man-free zone. We are an equal opportunity blog: happy to help the boys out whenever they ask for it.)