What I’ve learned about travel in no particular order

Travel newbie DIY Woman has just left Australia for the gap year she never had – and she thinks she knows it all…

Luggage, labels, diywoman, travelling solo, travel | See more at www.diywoman.net1.Don’t be fooled into thinking the crazy luggage labels your workmates gave you will be enough to identify your luggage.

2. A loud and lairy luggage belt can be seen from 50 paces, as can a burnt orange suitcase – the choice is yours. 

3. Just because you CAN take 30 kg of luggage doesn’t mean you SHOULD. Have you seen the stairs at Charles de Gaulle airport? They are most definitely NOT luggage friendly

4. Some airlines offer ‘Preferred’ seating in Economy for an additional $US60. On a long haul flight it is not an added cost – it is an investment – especially on the upper deck of an Airbus.

5. Make sure you know how to say “Sorry officer – I’m from Australia” in the language of any country you plan to visit.

6. Accept Kit Kats whenever they are offered inflight. Ditto packs of peanuts. You WILL be glad of them.

Luggage, labels, diywoman, travelling solo, travel, kitkat | See more at www.diywoman.net

7. If you’re planning on ordering the vegetarian meal inflight don’t be too specific – Indian vegetable curry is delicious for dinner but not necessarily for breakfast and lunch as well.

8. Travel Tip 101- Wherever possible do as much online stuff as possible prior to boarding

9. Travel Tip 102 – Arrive at the airport early (I said it was in no particular order)

10. Don’t forget to look up occasionally – the world is a great big exciting place so put down that phone once in a while

11. Meet up with old friends along the way. They will certainly provide you with a little bit of home and a lot of laughs, and if you’re as lucky as I am they may have the odd travel tip up their sleeve. Thanks Lindy.