DIY Woman today: a change in direction

It’s been over a year since I first wrote about the evolution of DIY Woman.

I flagged a change in direction with less emphasis on separation and divorce, and more on the living-happily-ever-after. Or its real life equivalent. Whatever that is.

Ao old weather vane showing a change in direction
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I came up with a few alternatives.

  • Living purposefully/contentedly/fully ever after
  • Growing bolder not older
  • Growing better
  • Late blooming

I wanted to encapsulate how I feel about my life now. I like the idea of women – no matter their age – fulfilling their potential. And retaining a belief that they have a place in the world. Hence the DIY Woman email tagline:

Staying high viz in a world that would have you fade to grey.

But I wanted to get away from notions of grey (hair) as somehow a bad thing. So I kept asking myself, what is the best any of us can hope for? And I kept coming back to one phrase.

Living your best life

What does your best life look like?

For me, it’s having a passion that has translated into a profession for which I’m being paid. It’s having a burning ambition to achieve what has so far eluded me. (A live Eurovision grand final and a publishing deal spring immediately to mind, but I have others.) It’s having a reason to get up in the morning. Every morning.

Other components of my best life in no particular order.

  • Maintaining my friendships
  • Being a good friend
  • Learning more about music
  • Reading well and often
  • Learning to touch type (No secrets here, dear readers, I can’t do it.)
  • Being a good daughter, mother and grandmother
  • Producing writing I’m proud of of which I’m proud
  • Supporting others to live their best lives

I have used my time in self isolation to write more blog posts and expand the categories. So far I’ve just added Books but I’m open to your suggestions. Do you have a topic for Dear DIY Woman? Write to me at and I’ll have a think out loud about it.

Look out for signs of subtle re-branding (thanks to my old friend Libby) and keep me honest by giving me feedback on content and suggestions for category topics. This change in direction is a work-in-progress and I’d value your input.

Regular readers know that DIY Woman has never been about home maintenance, with one or two memorable exceptions. The do-it-yourself component of DIY Woman is simply this: we are the product of our own efforts. Stuff happens over which we may have little or no control, but we have agency in how we respond.

It’s up to us to create our best lives. With a little help from our friends.

2 thoughts on “DIY Woman today: a change in direction

  1. Do you know that sometime when I have doubts I ask myself this? What would Elizabeth do? And the answer is always, She’d have a go! Love your inspiration, Elizabeth!

  2. That comment comes as a big surprise Erica but I’ll take it. It’s a fine example of what DIY Woman is all about. Giving each other the support and confidence to be the best we can be. Thank you.

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